Who will win the World Series of mobility? MLB playoff team stadiums, ranked.

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 10/10/17 11:23 AM

Baseball season is drawing to a close, which means it's playoff time. We're sure you've already filled your brackets out, but we've got some ideas of our own. We may not exactly be sports experts (and may have had to Google "how many teams are in the playoffs MLB 2017"), but we are mobility experts. Allow us to present: the 2017 MLB playoff teams, ranked by MobilityScore.

MLB Mobility Playoff Bracket

In the wildcard round, New York's Yankee Stadium was up against Target Field in Minneapolis. It was no contest there — the Twins boast a light rail station directly at the stadium, in addition to myriad bus lines and more than a handful of NiceRide bikeshare stations. Yankee Stadium's Bronx location was no match for that. In the game of Diamondbacks vs. Rockies, Denver's Coors Field took the round thanks to its extreme proximity to Union Station.


Yankee Stadium aerial view The Yankees may have won against the Twins in real life, but not in this game!


Once we got into the first round, some frontrunners were clear right off the bat. The Twins easily crushed the Cleveland Indians, 79 to 68. Cleveland does have a lot of options, but unfortunately the streetcar and subway are just a little too far from the stadium to make the grade. The Houston Astros similarly took an easy win against the Red Sox, who are only near the MBTA Green Line.

The LA Dodgers vs. the Colorado Rockies was also no surprise — Los Angeles is up and coming in the mobility landscape, but they've got a ways to go. And finally, the Nationals (our hometown favorite) were sadly defeated by the Chicago Cubs. We've gone to enough Nats games to confirm this is definitely the case.

Fenway park exteriors TransitScreen
If you do end up at Fenway Park, you can enjoy the luxury of using this giant TransitScreen to get home. 

In the semifinals, things really started to heat up. The Twins were an early frontrunner, but the Astro eked out a victory — never underestimate buses! The Cubs were at a disadvantage, since their stadium was built in 1914 before we all knew as a country how important transit was going to be. It came back to bite them, and they lost out to the Rockies in the end.

Sun shining on Wrigley Field
The Cubs play at Wrigley Field, so you're taking that Red Line to get there. 

And then, we have the finals. The Astros vs. the Rockies. Texas vs. Colorado. Desert heat vs. mountain air. A tale as old as time. In the end, the Rockies were the winners, with a lead of 92-85. But in the end, with the growing number of mobility options available to everyone across the country, we're all winners here.

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