TransitScreen Welcomes Wendy Silvani as a Strategic Advisor

Posted by Ryan Croft on 6/19/14, 4:12 PM

TransitScreen is pleased to announce that Wendy Silvani, currently a Principal at Wendy Silvani Consulting, has joined TransitScreen as a Strategic Advisor. Wendy has 14+ years in community transportation program design, implementation and management. With dual specialties – first and last mile shuttle design and management – as well as an expertise in forming Transportation Management Associations and other consortiums to fund and operate TDM programs – Wendy’s work has helped thousands of people get to work more efficiently.

"Technologies like TransitScreen have the potential to make multi-modalism ubiquitous – in residential settings, commercial buildings and geographic areas. The ability to see ‘at a glance’ exactly what’s available from carshare and bikeshare, to various transit routes and connections, will make shared transport trips an easier option for consumers," commented Wendy Silvani.

Making a positive difference in people’s lives by creating and improving connections between home, work and play, is a central theme in all of Wendy’s work. Wendy has worked throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for developers, businesses, cities, business parks and other geographic areas to build and manage shared transportation systems and transportation demand management programs for nearly 20 years.  She is particularly interested in the role technology plays in changing public perceptions, underscoring the reliability and availability of service, and in encouraging communities to embrace alternative transportation modes.

"Through her work with TMAs, corporations and real estate developers, Wendy Silvani brings decades of experience and wisdom in the TDM (transportation demand management) field," stated Ryan Croft, VP of TransitScreen. "Wendy will be a valued resource and guide as we continue to grow TransitScreen in the Bay Area and beyond."

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