TransitScreen Welcomes New Customer Success Lead Julie Giffin

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 7/1/15 11:06 AM

Julie Giffin portrait

We are excited to announce the addition of our new Customer Success Lead Julie Giffin. Julie will be responsible for operations, customer outreach, support and on-boarding, and coordination with digital signage & hardware vendors at TransitScreen.

“In just the past month, Julie has already helped us streamline our customer support process, unify our entire sales process in Salesforce as a CRM, and make our accounting systematic," stated CEO Matt Caywood. "She's led the charge to keep our company’s operations at pace with our rapid sales growth.”

Julie discovered her love for the DC Tech scene after graduating from the University of Maryland. She played a key role in two fast-growing DC startups, Social Tables and LivingSocial, where she built customer support and operations teams and streamlined operations to ensure a seamless experience for their enterprise customers.

"As someone who regularly uses public transportation, I knew immediately that TransitScreen would have the ability to make a huge impact in the daily lives of residents in sustainable cities by allowing people to make more informed transit decisions," said Julie Giffin. "The team at TransitScreen is fueled by passion and excitement for changing how people get around, and I am thrilled to be a part of their growth!"

Check out Julie and the rest of the TransitScreen team on our team page.

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