TransitScreen Partners with Multimedia Touch Screen Display Company Engrain

Posted by Ryan Croft on 5/8/14 4:24 PM

TransitScreen recently announced, in an article in Bisnow, a partnership with technology innovation company Engrain. Engrain builds and installs immersive multimedia touch screen systems, called TouchTour™, for a virtual tour experience in residential buildings in over 100 cities.

TransitScreen president Matt Caywood says that this partnership will take TransitScreen "from seven cities to double or triple that in the next few months. The software will be integrated into Engrain's existing touch screens in Seattle, San Francisco, NYC, Boston, and Chicago, as well as future cities."

TouchTour provides an immersive virtual experience that allows prospective residents to explore each individual property, the surrounding area, and neighborhood attractions, all from the comfort of the sales and leasing office or lobby.

VP Ryan Croft says “TransitScreen never wanted to develop hardware and has relied primarily on flatscreen TVs to display its transit dashboard. The TransitScreen team reached out to Engrain (based in Denver) after getting inquiries from customers about touch screens. TransitScreen also created some buzz recently when it debuted its SmartWalk technology projecting transit info on sidewalks and building walls.”

The live feeds on TouchTour units will show real-time information on all nearby transit options, including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare. TransitScreen displays will be provided for existing TouchTour units in regions supported by TransitScreen, and be available for all new installations.

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