TransitScreen & LEED Points

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 12/20/16, 5:31 PM

Environmental responsibility is more important than ever before. The world's collective building stock accounts for 49 percent of the world's energy consumption and 47 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Installing a TransitScreen not only enhances your property's value and improves tenants' quality of life, but it can also qualify your building for a LEED® point.

Why now?

  • Increased value: Studies have shown that LEED/Energy Star buildings lead to higher rental rates and, ultimately, higher property value.
  • Social movement: More tenants and renters are asking if buildings are LEED-certified before making a decision.
  • Regulation: Local, national, and federal agencies are starting to encourage or require green certification to curb rising energy costs.


According to the U.S. Green Building Council®, a retail property with a TransitScreen is eligible to receive one LEED point for Alternative Transportation Education under LEED v3 2009. The same is true of a TransitScreen display installed by the property owner or manager in a retail location at a mixed-used property.

Additionally, under the Transportation Demand Management section, properties have the option to "publicize to project occupants the availability and benefits of the vehicle-sharing program." One of the options when installing a TransitScreen is to include any and all vehicle-sharing companies for which there is available data, such as car2go or Zipcar.

Now what?

Consult with your LEED-certified associate or consultant about how TransitScreen can help your building, portfolio, or city. Then get in touch with us!

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