TransitScreen Joins The Digital Signage Federation®

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 3/4/15 4:50 PM

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF), the independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry that supports technological advancements and innovations in the digital signage industry has recognized TransitScreen as a new member in good standing and officially welcomes TransitScreen to the digital signage industry.

"TransitScreen recently became members of the Digital Signage Federation because we realized how much we have in common with the premier digital signage industry organization and its members. I and three TransitScreen team members will be in attendance at the DSF's Digital Signage Expo held in Las Vegas next week, and we are looking forward to discussing TransitScreen, SmartWalk and digital signage hardware with the other members of DSF," stated Matt Caywood, CEO of TransitScreen.

The Digital Signage Federation is governed by an independent board of volunteers consisting of industry professionals that reflect the varied makeup of all the constituents in the digital signage industry. Elected by vote, each member serves for a period of two years. The Digital Signage Federation is the only non-profit group that provides peer-group help, information, certification and resources for companies in the digital signage industry.

Membership in the DSF entitles each member organization to enroll up to five individual members who are invited to serve on the committees, which recommend policies and programs designed to grow the digital signage industry, create business opportunity, and expand member benefits. (See:

The Digital Signage Federation annually hosts a variety of regional networking events and sponsors Digital Signage Expo held in Las Vegas in March at the Las Vegas Convention Center (which TransitScreen will be attending). This conference is the largest trade show for digital signage held annually, which is the place to see the most state-of-the-art innovations before competitors get a chance to deploy them (see:

The digital signage industry relies on the Digital Signage Federation as an independent voice that promotes the technological advancements of the industry as a whole. Among many of its accomplishments to date, the Digital Signage Federation has established widely accepted and referenced privacy standards, provides reduced-cost certification for industry professionals, and a process – free to potential technology purchasers - for requests-for-information (RFIs) to ensure appropriate and comprehensive digital signage solutions from the most qualified partners in the industry

About the Digital Signage Federation
DSF's Mission is to support and promote the common business interests of the world-wide digital signage, interactive technologies and the digital out-of-home network industries. The DSF is a not-for-profit independent voice of the digital signage industry reflecting the diversity of its membership. It promotes professional recognition through certifications, continuing education, conferences, publications, and presentations offered by the DSF and affiliate groups. It provides government lobbying to leverage the collective strength of members and represent their interests at the higher levels of government and the community. The DSF provides leadership and networking opportunities focused on building a strong foundation for the advancement of the digital signage industry. For more information, visit

About TransitScreen

TransitScreen is a transportation software and digital signage company and a pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays. The TransitScreen service is a live, real-time display of all transportation options at a specific location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare). Founded in 2012, TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions. TransitScreen is a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solution to create sustainable, walkable, bike-able cities of the future and inform citizens, promote behavior change, and reduce parking and traffic on city streets. Today, thousands of people live and work in institutions, organizations, companies and shops displaying our multimodal transit information.

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