TransitScreen & INRIX: Making smart cities & smart people

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 10/20/16 3:54 PM

We at TransitScreen are a partner of INRIX, the global leader in connected car services and intelligent vehicle movement. INRIX represents a new approach that leverages big data to help manage urban mobility. By aggregating a variety of sources and applying intelligence, INRIX delivers comprehensive data to help move people, cities, and businesses forward.

Typically on a TransitScreen display in a more suburban area (Tysons Corner, Virginia, or Atlanta, Georgia, for example), we use INRIX information to provide estimated drive times to local point-of-interest destinations — both now, and 30 minutes in the future.

While we are always in favor of using public and alternative transportation whenever possible, we recognize that this isn't always an option. Infrastructure often doesn't stretch as far as it should, and driving can serve as a means to supplement the transportation options available.

The drive-time estimates don't only apply to people planning to drive their own vehicles — in most cities, buses are subject to normal traffic just as much as cars. If you're taking a bus to the airport, let's say, then INRIX can still tell you precisely how long that's likely to take.


TransitScren at 1776 HG The TransitScreen at our 1776 HQ, including INRIX drive-time estimates to local airports and nearby suburbs.



Something we're passionate about at TransitScreen is the smart cities movement, which we believe starts with smart people. An essential part of this is data (it's how we create our screens, after all).

"INRIX holds more patents in traffic science and transportation data analytics than any other company," according to Kevin Foreman, INRIX General Manager, GeoAnalytics. With this data, they're hoping to be at the head of the movement to connect cars to smarter cities as a part of their "commitment to advancing intelligent mobility."

TransitScreen works to take relevant data and aggregate it into one easy, accessible place so people can make informed decisions about the way they get around. There is a big opportunity to improve global traffic problems by providing commuters with accurate information before they hit the road.

But we're just one part of the smart mobility ecosystem — there are so many others that we work with to make this happen. We're glad to call INRIX one of our partners, as we all work toward the same vision: smart cities with informed citizens building a more sustainable future.

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