TransitScreen Adds INRIX Real Time Drive Time Data

Posted by Ryan Croft on 8/18/15 11:47 PM

We are thrilled to announce a strategic agreement with Kirkland, Washington-based INRIX, the leading provider of traffic information. With this agreement, we are announcing that traffic drive time information is now available on new and existing TransitScreen displays.

Our traffic information shows, at a glance for a choice of destinations, the current drive time and the predicted drive time 30 minutes from now.

”More and more people are measuring distance in minutes, not miles” said Kevin Foreman, GM, GeoAnalytics, INRIX Inc. “We are pleased that TransitScreen is providing real-time distances in in minutes based on the INRIX network of over 250 million drivers and devices.”

INRIX drive time data are sourced from a truly massive set of connected vehicles and sensors, and their predictions of future drive times are the result of sophisticated models incorporating data across the road network, weather, real-time incidents, and events.


Dubai TransitScreen with INRIX's drive time data Dubai TransitScreen display with INRIX's drive time data


Why this announcement is important:

1) Planning ahead

Real time information is powerful. TransitScreen gives you a complete picture of all your sustainable transportation options. Now, with our new INRIX drive time feature, you’ll be able to know in advance, compare all options, and properly plan your journey.

2) Skip the traffic

Imagine you are working downtown and want to leave at 6pm. You check TransitScreen and traffic is jammed up. Knowing this in advance lets you make other plans. Rather than sitting in gridlock, you can leave when traffic winds down and not contribute yourself to traffic.

3) Gateway to the world of transportation

With real time drive times, TransitScreen now provides real time information for 100% of commuters, making our screens useful to absolutely everyone. As drivers see a daily reminder of all transportation choices, we raise everyone’s transit awareness not just the awareness of people who are already using transit!

4) Traffic affects everyone

Most transportation modes other than subway and rail are subject to traffic, including sustainable modes like buses, car share, and ridesharing. Knowing the current traffic conditions can be the difference between getting to your meeting on time, catching your flight or spending more time at home with your family.

We look forward to growing with INRIX and are excited to help commuters globally make more informed decisions including real time and future drive times.