TransitScreen hits the big screen

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 2/7/17 4:26 PM

You may remember the giant billboard featuring us outside Fenway Park. Thanks to Orange Barrel Media, we brought real-time transit information to a huge number of people, and it's not even baseball season yet!

Along the same lines, we're excited to announce our newest outdoor screens in a location that hits pretty close to home for us — right outside the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station in downtown DC.


One of the new TransitScreen displays in DC's Chinatown neighborhood.
One of the new TransitScreen displays in DC's Chinatown neighborhood. 

The other display is spread out across three adjacent screens directly above the Metro entrance at the intersection of 7th St & H St NW. Like the Fenway Park billboard, these alternate with ads, running for about 20 seconds out of every minute.

What we're really excited about with this location in particular is its sheer proximity to the Metro station. For those less familiar with the area, this station is the second busiest in the Metorail system and serves the Red, Yellow, and Green lines. It's located next to countless bars and restaurants, as well as the Verizon Center — where, according to the Washington Post, events leading to five of the 10 busiest Metro days of all time took place.

Anyone who's tried to catch a Red Line train heading to Shady Grove outside of rush hour knows how irritating it can be to take the escalator down, swipe your card, and head down another escalator only to find out you're going to be waiting 20 minutes for it to show up. You're likely to spend a lot of that 20 minutes thinking about all the different ways you could have gotten home if only you had known.

With our screens, now you can easily access the real-time information before swiping in and paying at least $2.75. You'll be able to make informed decisions about whether the bus might be faster, or if you should walk to the bikeshare station at the Portrait Gallery vs. the one at MLK Library.

One of our main goals is making sure that people have the information they need at the point in time when they're making a decision — it saves time and effort on the part of the commuter, and could even help flailing WMATA ridership.

Catch the sign in person? Send us a picture and your thoughts on Twitter @TransitScreen.

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