A Perfect Research Pairing in SF: The Hall and TransitScreen

Posted by Ryan Croft on 8/25/15 6:28 PM

TransitScreen was recently afforded the opportunity to survey patrons of The Hall, a multi-vendor food hall and bar serving as a temporary activation of a long dormant building on Market Street in San Francisco. Our TransitScreen display at The Hall was a large projection that loomed large in one of the most heavily traveled corridors in the city. We constructed our survey that could characterize The Hall’s user base on opinions of the TransitScreen display, but also by learning customers' relevant, broader travel (and eating) habits.

Customer looking at TransitScreen at The Hall

Surveys were administered during happy hour several days a week for approximately three weeks. Participation in the survey was voluntary and incentivized with a generous discount contribution from The Hall in which, respondents could present the completed form to the bartender for $1 off their next drink. Ultimately, we collected 113 responses.

It’s amazing, really, how much you can learn about 113 people asking only 5 questions of each (and certainly provides insight into the logic behind speed dating).

The Hall and TransitScreen Survey

Placement of a TransitScreen display in a bar with ample access to one of the most expansive public transportation networks in the country makes sense – representing a quintessential win-win from both public safety and consumer satisfaction perspectives. This claim was substantiated by patrons of The Hall who are typically traveling to/from the establishment using non-auto modes. Results presented in the graph below show that the majority of patrons arrived or departed from The Hall on foot (or wheel, in the cycling case), while another 42% relied on transit. Talk about sustainable transportation accessibility!

The Hall and TransitScreen Survey Results

What’s more, nearly 60% of The Hall’s patrons reported relying on real-time transportation information when they travel. This suggests respondents are generally likely to adopt technologies like TransitScreen given familiarity with comparable services. Of all respondents surveyed, approximately 75% reported being “satisfied” with the information displayed on the TransitScreen display.

Driving certainly isn’t necessary – and utilizing alternative modes, empowered with the real-time information to do so efficiently, is a smart and easy choice.

We thank The Hall for allowing us to stake out their bar in the name of research for a few weeks. Good times, good eats, and good results were had by all!

Cheers from the TransitScreen team!