The Futura of Public Information

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 12/8/16, 9:31 AM

At TransitScreen, one of our primary goals is to improve the design quality of public information in cities. When someone decides to install public signage, they're creating a tangible, long-lasting public representation of themselves. And by providing information, they're starting a conversation with customers and the public — and it's best to start that off on the right foot.

So when any of our hundreds of customers (in 33 cities internationally and counting) decides to install TransitScreen, we deliver a public information screen that's useful. It's designed with attention to detail and then user-tested to make sure it works in a real-world environment. Since we launched our product, we've been gradually improving the design in response to customer and public feedback. As a cloud-based solution, all of these improvements have immediately gone out to our customers. But now it's time for a leap forward.


TransitScreen in urban lobby space A TransitScreen at ULI's DC headquarters, redesigned.


Our team worked with Brooklyn design studio Isometric to develop a new interface we're calling "Futura." It's designed to look clean and legible, and we've tested it for usability to make sure it's well organized and easy to read.

On supported devices, our Futura interface uses motion to subtly highlight important updates, something we expect will become richer and more important over time. As public digital screens become ubiquitous, they will need to incorporate ideas from calm technology, following the principles of Weiser & Brown.

Our goal is to make Futura the new standard for public real-time information, helping to improve the quality of transportation information worldwide.

We'll be gradually rolling this out to our customers by the end of the year. If you have questions about upgrading your existing TransitScreen, please contact support. And if you're interested in signing up for our service, please get in touch!