"our communities  value convenience and we like to make sure our members have everything they need... which is why our partnership with TransitScreen is immensely valuable."


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Find out how The Collective's Partnerships Manager found the perfect amenity to benefit the lifestyle of tenants at Old Oak, the world's largest co-living space. Nestled just outside of downtown London, this establishment is home to hundreds of members and not a single parking spot. The Collective's goal is to create co-living spaces that feel like home while being innovative and thoughtful with environmentally-conscious designs. 

With the help of TransitScreen, they can:

  • Highlight transit accessibility
  • Attract and retain tenants
  • Provide and modern and useful amenity
  • Offer convenient services to their members

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TransitScreen is the only service to provide real-time transit information all in one place, or one screen for that matter! From screen displays around the office, to your desktop, laptop, and phone, we keep you and your residents updated on the best ways to get around your community and more.

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