The 5 hottest commercial office trends

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 5/3/18 4:07 PM

The workplace is changing rapidly. The hours people spend at work are increasing (or decreasing, depending on who you ask). The needs of the average worker is changing, and with it are the responsibilities of the modern commercial real estate developer and owner.

Here are the latest trends in commercial worth keeping an eye on.

A focus on wellness

The wellness trend isn't just about skincare and spin classes. As more millennials spend more of their time in the office and companies are focused on attracting the best talent, organizations want to be offering benefits to create a health-focused workplace. Whether that means standing desks and providing healthy snacks, or something more key to the building itself like a WELL certification or biophilic design.

Green buildings

This definitely includes biophilic design, but not just for aesthetics! People want to work in an office that isn't actively contributing to our climate change nightmare. They want carbon offsets, bike racks, LEED-certified buildings. There are tons of ways to measure and show off how green your building is — we've broken some of them down for you before. It's time to look at a more sustainable future.

Green Open Space Office Building

Transit-oriented location

Many of the trends that apply to multifamily apartments also apply to commercial office buildings. Millennials want a convenient location; they want to be able to go to the cool spots for lunch, to go out after work, to be able to run errands during the day or on the way home. It's crucial to not only have a good location, but to make the most of the one you already have, whether that's through shuttles to the metro or making real-time commute information available.

Smart buildings

For office workers, this means a building that will anticipate their needs. That might involve temperature controls that automatically adjust to individual comfort levels, or signage that recognizes someone as they walk past and can show the information that best applies to them. It may be far off, but it's going to be here sooner rather than later. Developers and owners need to prepare for what's to come rather than what's here today.

Dymitr Malcew Treehouse Furniture

Flexible workspace

Not only do workers want an atmosphere that's conducive to work, they also want one that's conducive to collaboration. They want an open space, but still plenty of private rooms to retreat into for seriously focused time. A modern office must be able to supply all these features and more in order to break apart from the competition and become the go-to spot for companies looking for new office space.

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