While supplies last: How universities can reduce the number of on-campus parking passes

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/8/20 10:18 AM

Spring semesters are starting up, so it’s also the time of year when on-campus parking starts trending on social media. Students, staff, and faculty members spend more time than anyone would care to admit looking for any spot – even in the back corner of the lot.

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A scooter revolution: why universities should embrace shared mobility programs

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/22/19 3:29 PM

Getting to and from class can be tough for college students. Students who live in on-campus dorms can have just as many issues as their off-campus classmates. Lack of parking (or, in the case of many freshmen, a lack of car ownership) is  a constant challenge for students and staff alike.

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Class is in session: The importance of Campus Shuttle Programs

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/11/19 4:04 PM

Universities can have student bodies in the tens of thousands, and not counting faculty and staff members. Campuses have restaurants, housing, and entertainment centers. Universities are essentially their own cities.

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Carless on campus: Using real-time info to create community

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 6/15/17 11:08 AM

Today's blogpost is brought to you by TransitScreen's summer intern, Mac Bassett, a rising sophomore at George Washington University majoring in business administration.

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The case for free transit for college students

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 5/1/17 9:30 AM

A recent study out of Rutgers University dealt with the effect that past behavior has on current transit habits. It found that the effect was significant — even if people later moved to neighborhoods with less access to transit, they were still more likely to take it if they had done so in the past.

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