The beginning stages of a return-to-work plan

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 5/15/20 12:19 PM

As cities begin to roll back quarantine orders, employers have begun thinking about how they’re going to have their employees return to the office. This is no easy task! There are so many factors that go into safely having any number of employees return to the office, from how they’re going to get there to how you’re going to rearrange the physical office setup.

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Making your building touch-free post-COVID

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 5/4/20 11:33 AM

As quarantine orders are lifted and people begin returning to the office, there’s going to be a want and need to make common areas as safe as possible. Providing touchless amenities will become a necessary change for the majority of commercial office and residential buildings. Although some of this will require changing human behavior inside offices, it will also require dramatic changes to the physical office building itself. We’ve outlined a few essentials here that commercial office property managers, developers, and owners need to consider to prepare for the post-COVID future.

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The post-COVID employee experience

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 4/28/20 11:10 AM

We’ve recently been writing about how commutes are going to be altered after quarantine orders are lifted. The way most people travel is going to be different. We’ve been hearing about big pushes for biking and walking to work for more sustainable and safer commutes. 

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Encouraging bike commutes post-COVID

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 4/27/20 3:15 PM

When the times come to make our way back into the office, commutes will be changed. Many people will be weary of the crowded, confined spaces of public transit in the beginning. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not discounting the importance public transit will play in the transition back. We’re saying it will take time for your employees to feel comfortable riding face-to-face with other commuters.

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Washington D.C. passes parking cash-out bill

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 4/17/20 3:26 PM

We know commuting is a thing of the past and future at the moment. Luckily, the local D.C. council is still working to make commuting better for now and in the future. Earlier this month, the Washington, D.C. Council passed the Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment Act of 2019.

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Consider post-work activities when choosing your office location

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 4/14/20 2:33 PM

The ideal commute for a lot of people would be walking out of their front door and into their office. While a nice thought, those commutes rarely exist. Since employee retention is so important in this day and age, going the extra mile to make employees' lives that much easier makes a huge difference – especially when you’re moving office locations or adding new space to an existing one. 

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Commute management in the post-COVID workplace

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 4/13/20 11:11 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing has brought ambiguous timelines, ever-changing predictions, and a general feeling of not knowing what to expect about returning to “normal.” One thing we’re certain of, though, is that companies are using this time to take a step back, reassess their strategies, and begin to plan for the eventual transition back to the office.

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