Smart Cities and the Technology of Walking

Posted by Ryan Croft on 3/31/14 12:24 PM

Michael Scott, a writer with a passion for emerging urban, economic development issues, recently wrote a great article for, an online portal to Government Technology, titled “Smart Cities and the Technology of Walking. ” The article was about the future of cities, with a focus on walkability, including how TransitScreen "supports the interconnection between walkers and alternative forms of transportation."

Michael Scott focused on all the innovations in technology that are enabling more people to walk in major metropolitan regions. “Fueled by a fundamental shift in the way people move about communities, cities, and regions, new innovations are being introduced that can make walking a high-tech exercise.”

Walking on pavement next to grass

The following are a couple excerpts from Michael Scott’s article, but please read the full article as well:

“TransitScreen is one company that provides just-in-time information to pedestrians who prefer not to be enmeshed with a mobile phone. With its strong presence in the D.C. Metro area, TransitScreen supports the interconnection between walkers and alternative forms of transportation by sharing transportation information from screens displayed in transit stations and in other locations such as in residential and governmental buildings. The point here is that efficiency in navigating a city is largely predicated on the efficient merging of walking with other ways to get around.”

“Walkability plays a key role in our mission of providing people with the most relevant and sustainable transportation options,” says Ryan Croft, co-founder of TransitScreen, a recent award recipient at the Transportation Research Board's 93rd Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. earlier this year. He notes, “Some level of walking is required to get to transit, to car sharing, and to bike sharing. Walking thus plays a vital role in engaging all of these services.”

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