When Reebok moved to the city from the suburbs, they had some work to do.

reebok shoe v2Read about how we helped Reebok's 700 employees, who had to pick up and move from Boston's suburbs to the downtown area.

The company put together a task force to help everyone feel comfortable with the new transportation options, and they offered subsidies for transit and bikeshare.

Commutes can be one of the most frustrating things for employees, and according to a study done by ADP, it's actually the third main reason for why employees would leave a job. 60% of employees feel like their employers aren't doing enough to support their commutes — to help out where it really counts. With our help, Reebok is able to support their staff's commute from start to finish ✅. 

TransitScreen is the only service to provide real-time transit information all in one place, or one screen for that matter! From screen displays around the office, to your desktop, laptop, and phone, we keep you and your employees updated on the best ways to get around your city.

"TransitScreen really was a great tool to help bring everything altogether."

Keith Wexelblatt Associate General Counsel and Local Compliance Officer at Reebok

See how we helped Reebok turn their employees into commute experts:


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