Recap of Shared-Use Mobility Workshop Hosted by Transportation Research Board

Posted by Ryan Croft on 3/18/15, 11:31 AM

In January, TransitScreen CEO Matt Caywood spoke at a session on One Stop Shopping for Mobility at the Shared-Use Mobility Workshop hosted by the Transportation Research Board during their annual meeting in DC. He spoke on the panel alongside Timothy Papandreou from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Rick Hutchinson from City CarShare, John Gossart of RideScout, Sean O’Sullivan of Carma, and Jeffrey Chernick of RideAmigos. recently posted a recap about the entire event titled "Shared-Use Mobility: What Does the Future Hold? Workshop Synopsis." Read a couple excerpts from the recap:

"One Stop Shopping for Mobility, consisted of Timothy Papandreou from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Rick Hutchinson from City CarShare, as well as John Gossart of RideScout, Sean O’Sullivan of Carma, Chernick of RideAmigos, and Matt Caywood of TransitScreen. Papandreou opened the session by presenting a holistic view of the current urban mobility landscape and potential future trends we may see in the shared mobility space. He pointed out that while it is currently an exciting time in shared use because of the number of innovative service options available, there is little to no physical or even virtual integration among them. He outlined the general phases needed to bring about this integration, starting with a diversity of private operators and data collectors, and then moving to consolidation of these services and data.

In line with Papandreou’s call for a diversification of providers and data aggregators, various companies working in this space spoke about their services. For example, Caywood explained how they collect real-time public transit information across operators and present these data in an accessible, public way. Chernick mentioned that RideAmigos combines biking, walking, public transit, and carsharing into a consolidated trip-planning platform that can be used by targeted communities for ride-matching and collaboration. O’Sullivan pointed to the need for a critical mass for carpooling services to work in a reliable way for users. Gossart presented the company’s ultimate vision of true seamless connectivity between the user and the mode without even having to use a mobile device. RideScout believes that this vision is in sight now, despite the challenges that still exist. Hutchinson described his “program-oriented” approach to providing innovative means of travel to its users. These include the introduction of electric vehicles, wheelchair-accessible vans, and cargo electric bicycles."

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Shared-Use Mobility TRB Workshop Participants From left to right: John Gossart, RideScout; Sean O’Sullivan, Carma; Timothy Papandreou, SFMTA; Jeffrey Chernick, RideAmigos; Rick Hutchinson, City CarShare; Matt Caywood, TransitScreen (image courtesy of



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