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The top 25 most transit-friendly university campuses

Posted by Rachel Karitis on Feb 21, 2018 11:52:42 AM

That time of year is here again, when high school seniors everywhere choose where they're going to college next fall. For most of them, the move-in process won't involve bringing a permanent vehicle — fewer and fewer colleges allow freshmen to keep cars on campus.

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MobilityScore API hits real estate listings

Posted by Team TransitScreen on Feb 16, 2018 3:31:29 PM

Are you familiar with MobilityScore? (If not, hello! Please direct yourself to this page.) Well, get excited — it’ll now be even easier to use this as a tool for knowing how to get around wherever you need to go.

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TDM 101: How Seattle makes magic happen

Posted by Rachel Karitis on Feb 16, 2018 1:38:18 PM

The numbers are in: Seattle continues to decrease the percentage of commuters who drive alone to work while simultaneously increasing the number of downtown jobs. In other cities across the country, transit ridership only decreases. What makes Seattle so different than all the other cities trying to do the same?

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Welcome to the New Mobility

Posted by Rachel Karitis on Feb 15, 2018 10:35:48 AM

It's 2018, and the future is here. Welcome to the new mobility.

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Three multifamily real estate trends to watch in 2018

Posted by Rachel Karitis on Feb 12, 2018 1:58:56 PM

You already know that the secret to attracting and retaining residents is to provide them an experience, something other properties just don’t have. Sometimes it can feel like it’s just about the neighborhood, the nearby coffee shops, the Instagram account showing off the vibe.

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