TransitScreen Rundown: What is Commute Management?

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 3/9/20 2:04 PM

There are many terms and initiatives in the world of commuting these days. Transportation demand management (TDM), commuter benefits, commute trip reduction (CTR), parking cash-out, and so many more. 

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Establishing pickup and dropoff locations for your company shuttle

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 3/6/20 1:29 PM

Providing a private shuttle for your employees is a huge benefit to them. Shuttles transport more people in one vehicle, reducing drive-alone commute rates. They qualify for HOV lane access, leading to faster travel times. And they give time back to employees by allowing them to get a head start on their daily tasks during their commute!

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One step at a time: Assisting your employees with multistep commutes

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 3/3/20 1:36 PM

As much as everyone would love to step out their front door, onto the metro, and right into their office, that commute almost never exists. Most people need to walk, drive, or scoot to the metro, then ride for 25 or more minutes, and then get to their office — AKA, more than just one step.

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Free of charge: How venues can help guests get to events

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/27/20 5:24 PM

We’ve written about how stadium and venue traffic can lead to a tainted guest experience. How can you enjoy the game when all you can think about is what a nightmare it’ll be to get home? While it seems to have become an inevitability, there are ways for venues to provide relief. How? By providing free transit for event-goers. 

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How car-free streets improve TDM programs

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/25/20 11:30 AM

Earlier this month, San Francisco made headlines by banning cars on one of its busiest streets. It isn’t the first city to implement this change, but it is the most recent. Of course, changes of this magnitude will bring a lot of concern from NIMBYs, but from the videos we’ve seen, traveling on Market Street sans cars looks pretty awesome. 

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PRODUCT UPDATE: Service alerts

Posted by Matt Caywood, CEO on 2/24/20 2:00 PM

At TransitScreen, our goal has always been to make it as simple as possible for people to make their daily commute decisions. That means real-time information about bus and train arrivals, as well as availability of nearby bikeshare and scootershare. Now, at long last, we’re introducing another feature to help keep commutes going smoothly: service alerts.

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These are the commutes we're crushing on right now

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/14/20 11:50 AM

Surprise! Valentine’s Day is here. While most people are going to be buying heart-shaped chocolates and going to a nice dinner, we’re celebrating a little differently. At TransitScreen, we’re enjoying the holiday of love with the commutes and transit trends we love.

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