Our new BMW ReachNow partnership

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 10/2/17 9:24 AM

We're excited to announce a new partnership with ReachNow, the fast-moving mobility services company from BMW.

As the face of the mobility landscape changes, many automakers are expanding their offerings to connect with a population that lives a low- or no-car lifestyle. ReachNow is creating several options to suit the flexibility of its users: short-term carsharing, multi-day car rental, and ridesharing.

ReachNow TransitScreen mockup

At TransitScreen, we believe in giving people all the information they need to make more sustainable decisions. Sometimes, that means taking the bus or riding a bike. Other times, it means taking rideshare to get to a train station or using carshare to get around for the day.

Now, ReachNow's data will be available on all of our Seattle screens. (The service is currently available in Seattle, Portland, and Brooklyn, with more than 50,000 members.)

The percentage of Seattle households that own a car is declining, making it the perfect location for ReachNow's services. Millennials might not want to own cars, but they still want to drive them from time to time.

We will be expanding this partnership to the other cities where they operate — Portland and New York. We're excited to be joining with ReachNow to make sure this data is available to as many people as possible, and making sure our screens reflect the evolving mobility landscape.

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