New year, new iPhone app!

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 1/3/18 3:30 AM

At TransitScreen, we’re always looking for ways to make transportation information more easily accessible. A public screen in the right location, like a lobby exit, is the most powerful way to inform people, but we know people sometimes want information in other locations too.

Our TransitScreen GO web app has always been the best solution for getting real-time, location-specific information at your desk or anywhere else.  We’ve even made it personalizable, so you can select your favorite transportation choices and make best use of small, mobile screens.

TransitScreen GO Mobile App used on iPhone X

We’ve noticed that nearly all of our customers are looking for a single, integrated solution. So, starting now, we’ve made TransitScreen GO part of the default TransitScreen package.

We’ve also upgraded the experience for iPhone users, by making TransitScreen GO a native app. You’ll be able to download the app right from the screen in your lobby, or by using an email or web link sent to you from your property manager.

We still provide the same content, personalizable and curated for your location, but the app will be more convenient for people at your location to use. We will continue to add new capabilities as we develop them.

Our existing TransitScreen GO web app will still be available for users with Android phones, as well as desktops, tablets, and laptops. And we’ll continue to add new capabilities to it as well.

TransitScreen GO App on iPhone on workspace

One more feature you might not be aware of: TransitScreen GO can be integrated into any app to provide custom transportation information. This month you’ll find us providing live transportation info to 200,000 attendees in the official app of the world’s largest tech conference: CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you've got questions, we've got answers — email and let us know.

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