MobilityScore API hits real estate listings

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 2/16/18 3:31 PM

Are you familiar with MobilityScore? (If not, hello! Please direct yourself to this page.) Well, get excited — it’ll now be even easier to use this as a tool for knowing how to get around wherever you need to go.

MobilityScore creates a rating for your address using historical and predictive data about public transit options, bikesharing and carsharing services, and ridehailing availability. It also provides a listing of available transportation services at each address.

Rent Jungle showing Mobility Score of 74

What you'll find any time you search for a listing on RentJungle.

“As populations urbanize and a new form of transportation emerges every day, consumers need help,” said TransitScreen co-founder Ryan Croft. “Whether you are apartment hunting, searching for your next home, or comparing hotels for a business trip, MobilityScore empowers consumers with relevant data to make an informed decision.”

Initial partners for the release include: Attache, an executive rental platform; The Bozzuto Group, an experience-focused real estate company; 4stay, a student housing search platform; and Rent Jungle, a national apartment listings aggregator.

“With Uber and Lyft now in the mix, we’re excited to start showing MobilityScore data on our listings,” said Spencer Whitman, Director at RealPage, Inc, which purchased Rent Jungle in February 2017. “Our users are also commuters, so the data MobilityScore provides is invaluable to any prospective renter.”

MobilityScore is available as packaged content for integration into real estate websites, and is powered by an easy-to-use API.

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