MakeOffices & TransitScreen

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 11/9/16 10:57 AM

You probably know someone who does or has worked out of a coworking space — they're not just for startups and independent workers, but for individuals and companies of all sizes. There are about 22 million people and growing who work out of coworking spaces in the United States, all of which are in urban, transit-friendly locations. And we're here to help them get home.


TransitSCreen for MakeOffices in River North, Chicago
An example of the TransitScreen made for MakeOffices' River North, Chicago, location.

 That's why we've joined up with MakeOffices to put our real-time transit displays in locations across Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. The partnership made perfect sense — like many coworking spaces, they're focused on community and making it as easy as possible for members to grow their businesses.


MakeOffices Philadelphia about TransitScreen
An example of one of the MakeOffice TransitScreens, located at their Philadelphia Center City space.

In fact, we know exactly what it's like to work in a place like this! We're based at 1776's DC office, where startups have access to office space, resources, and connections. But coworking spaces are for more than just startups; they're also useful for anyone who engages in independent work — a number that grows more and more by the day. The can also be a home base for larger companies in new regions, or innovation-focused teams from larger companies. The populations they serve are numerous and diverse, just like us.

Something else coworking spaces have in common? They are located in urban areas close to public transit and frequented by millennials who prefer that method of getting around town — and our TransitScreens make it easier to do just that.

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