Improving transit data with GTFS validation on the web

Posted by Matt Caywood, CEO on 9/21/15 6:34 PM

GTFS is the wildly successful open standard that’s being used to organize and share the world’s transit data, allowing products like TransitScreen to show all transit information seamlessly all over the world.

A growing number of transit agencies (over 600 worldwide), including trains, bus, ferries, and even minibuses in Nairobi are offering their schedules in GTFS format, and catalogs of these feeds can be found in several places.

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to use GTFS correctly. We have long been able to check that GTFS feeds are correctly formatted using an open source GTFS validator. But this validator was originally written in 2007, and requires you to run it from the command line. That's OK if you’re editing GTFS by hand in a text editor, 2007-style, but it’s now 2015 and services like this should be on the web.

We believe you should easily be able to easily inspect the quality of open transit data -- whether you are a software developer, an interested community member, or work for a transit agency trying to improve data quality. The result will be better transit data for everyone.

That’s why we are providing GTFS feed validation on the web, free for anyone to use. Check it out at

And please submit any suggestions or improvements as issues on our public Github site.