Improving data quality with GTFS-realtime validation

Posted by Matt Caywood, CEO on 6/16/17 9:30 AM

GTFS-realtime is the emerging standard for bulk real-time transit data. If you’re at a transit agency looking to provide software developers with information to create apps like TransitScreen, you’re probably considering it!

It can be tricky to create correct GTFS-realtime data; it’s a large volume of data flowing in real time, and a single snapshot isn’t sufficient. So, just as with GTFS (which handles schedules), it’s critical to validate all the data and make sure it matches the specification.

We’re happy to announce that we are now hosting a GTFS-realtime validator on the web, free for anyone to use. You can find it at

We believe easy inspection of the quality of open transit data results in better data for everyone, which is why we’re hosting this along with our GTFS (schedule) validator.

The GTFS-realtime validator was developed by a group led by Sean Barbeau at the Center for Urban Transportation Research. You can submit any suggestions or improvements as issues on their public Github site.

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