Engrain Launches TouchTour Transit™ to Bring Live Multimodal Public Transit Data to Multifamily Residential Communities

Posted by Ryan Croft on 5/23/14 3:16 PM
Real-time information feed to be delivered through strategic partnership with TransitScreen

Woman using Engrain Touch Screen mockup

Engrain, the leader in touch screen property tour and resident interaction systems has announced the release of TouchTour Transit. This addition to the TouchTour® product line will utilize data provided through a strategic partnership with TransitScreen, a pioneer in real-time transit information displays.

TouchTour panels and standard digital display screens in apartment and condominium communities in a growing number of U.S. cities will have the ability to provide up-to-the-minute information on local public transportation. The live feed will show details on all nearby transit options, including bus, train and subway lines as well as bikeshare and carshare availability.

“Many people are reluctant to use public transportation simply because they don’t have easy access to comprehensive information on the choices available,” said Melissa Pasquale, vice president of product development at Engrain. “TouchTour Transit will remove that hurdle in communities that have our panels. We’re excited to be working with the TransitScreen team.”

TouchTour Transit can be used with existing TouchTour systems and digital displays, or with new installations.

“Our immediate goal with TransitScreen data is to help a person get from point A to point B,” said Ryan Croft, vice president of business development at TransitScreen. “But the broader vision is about educating people, encouraging behavior change and getting more cars off the streets. This partnership with Engrain, and the ability to inform residents in multifamily communities as they begin their travels, is perfectly aligned with that vision.”

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