Dude, where's my shuttle?

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 5/30/17 10:58 AM

It’s no question that a huge factor in how people decide which apartment building to live in is based on its proximity to transit. This is especially true in large cities — after all, having everything you need near your home is why you don’t live in Idaho, right?

The problem, though, is that living right on top of a subway station gets very expensive, very quickly. That’s why more and more apartment buildings located farther from central downtown areas are offering private shuttles to take their residents to the nearest transit stations.

If there’s one thing people hate, it’s waiting for the bus. But the reason they hate it is because they never know for sure when it’s coming — true even moreso of private shuttles, who don’t necessarily follow a particularly strict schedule.

Students waiting at college bus stop

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“Riders often experience frustration wondering when the next shuttle will arrive. Five minutes begins to feel like 50 minutes when we are anxiously waiting for the bus,” says Ryan Tripp, Marketing Director at Ride Systems. “Our goal is to make it easier and more enjoyable to ride the bus by providing real-time information.”

The solution is clear: make the arrival information available to residents, and they will be more likely to take advantage of this amenity. Ride Systems works with transit operators to provide real-time GPS vehicle location and estimated time arrivals accessible through a mobile app.

At TransitScreen, we can take this data and put it on our screens, making life for residents a breeze. In fact, we did just that at NorthxNorthwest, a luxury apartment building in Philadelphia.


TransitScreen at NXNW
The TransitScreen at NorthxNorthwest, a Forest City property in Philadelphia. 

The TransitScreen in the lobby at NorthxNorthwest includes its shuttles that take residents around downtown Philadelphia, as well as local information about SEPTA buses, Indego bikeshare, Zipcar, and Uber.

“Our residents are continuously checking the TransitScreen in our lobby instead of asking our concierge to call our drivers for their location,” said Kate Bennett, the assistant property manager at Forest City’s NorthxNorthwest. “Because it’s so clear and easy to use, we have seen an increase of our residents taking use of the two shuttle buses.”

Interested in having your shuttle’s data added to your TransitScreen, or looking to start tracking this information? Contact us at, and we’ll work with Ride Systems to make it happen.

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