Choosing and Marketing Commuter Benefits

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/2/18 5:26 PM

There are a lot of reasons for a company to consider offering commuter benefits to its employees. First of all, it’s legally required in some cities for companies of a certain size. But there are reasons outside of obligation!

Commute is a huge factor in whether employees are satisfied with their jobs — or whether they decide to start looking for a new one. Additionally, it’s an easy way to attract great candidates during the hiring process.

You’ve committed to providing transit- and commute-related benefits to your employees. You know how the new tax bill is going to affect them, whether or not you already had them in place. So now comes the last piece of the puzzle: Marketing them to your employees and making sure they sign up!

Provide the benefits people really want

Not all commuter benefits are created equal! Sure, it’s great to provide a corporate membership to a local bikeshare system. But the best way to convince people to bike to work is to also provide shower facilities for a post-ride freshening up. In fact, it makes individuals a whopping 4.86 times more likely to bike to work.

Bike Parking Lot

Similarly, many companies offer a monthly transit subsidy, but they still offer free parking on-site. People are much more likely to choose public transit as their top commuting choice when parking costs money. You can either charge for parking (if you do, make sure it’s by the day instead of by the month) or offer a parking cash-out option.

Send out emails explaining the benefits

Surely everyone in the office reads all their emails, right? Well, if they don’t, they should! Maybe include an announcement in a weekly company roundup until you’re confident everyone has read it.

Even once you’ve done that? Follow up! Even if people want to sign up for them and intend to sign up for them, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s at the top of their to-do list. Sometimes all people need is a little push. Make it as easy as possible for them to remember. Have Slack in your office? Set up a weekly reminder.

Provide information about available transit options

Man in motion at IFC TransitScreen

Okay, you caught us. This includes something like TransitScreen! But this isn’t just for the sake of self-promotion — it really is true that having information available about when the train is coming makes people more likely to want to take it, to have a better experience overall, and to take it again in the future.

Need more tips? There are lots of resources out there, and we’re happy to recommend some for you. Just ask!

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