Celebrity sightings: underground

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 6/14/18 3:07 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal spotted on NYC Subway

It's always crazy when us regular folk are able to walk side-by-side with some our favorite celebrities, but it could be happening much more than you may think. We typically envision people of that status traveling extravagantly, and though some do, many enjoy the ease and efficiency of public transportation for everyday life. 

If you're in the DC area, you may have sited a couple of recent athletes riding the metro by the names of Matt Niskanen and T.J. Oshie. Niskanen has frequented the metro from time to time, but Oshie dabbled with the metro during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time. The response from fans and metro employees was outstanding. Oshie was so impressed with how easily he got to Capital One Arena that he decided to take the metro for Game 4 as well. 

A less than usual promotional campaign in 2017 had Kevin Spacey riding the DC metro to drum up excitement around House of Cards. Spacey stayed in character as Frank Underwood as he used the metro to hit up popular spots in the city, including the White House. 

No surprise that New York is a great place to run into celebrities, but many of them actually depend on New York's Subway system for daily errands. Millions of riders set foot on NYC's subways daily, allowing celebrities to not go unnoticed, but to travel quickly and easily without being mobbed. Jake Gyllenhaal is one A-lister who's spotted so much that people actually have a joke about frequently being photographed while next to some sleepy travelers. 

WeDriveU Employee Commute Shuttle

Keanu Reeves swears by the using the subway, but he gained a lot of attention when a video of him giving up his seat for woman on the bus went viral in 2011. Reeves was humbled in the eyes of many New Yorkers by this act of kindness, showing that he's not an ordinary A-lister. 

Give away some freebies on a train and you might get a shout out from Owen Wilson on Twitter. Believe it or not, he even pays for his own transport pass as well! 

When she's not fighting crime across the galaxy as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, Zoe Saldana can be found using the subway to get from place to place. She even made an appearance with Elmo on Sesame Street to discuss different modes of transportation! 

Not all public transportation passengers get around on two legs...take Eclipse (an honorary TransitScreen member) for example, a black Labrador mix who figured out how to get herself to the dog park without her owner, Jeff Young. Seattle radio host, Miles Montgomery, even snapped a photo with Eclipse when he saw her take the seat next to him.  

Many celebrities appreciate the simplicity of public transportation, just like you and me! This helps to show that many people don't use public transportation because they have to, but because it makes sense. Studies have been surfacing throughout the years showing the mental, physical, and emotional benefits that come with swapping out a car for alternate modes of transportation. 

There are constant innovations to becoming greener and faster when it comes to getting around Smart Cities, so always check out how you can get around your town... and who knows, maybe you'll bump into one of your favorite faces from the big screen! 

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