Bus-riding Dog Eclipse Joins TransitScreen as Company Mascot

Posted by Ryan Croft on 8/28/15 3:20 AM

The Famous Seattle-based Dog Embodies our Mission for Transportation Access for all


TransitScreen COO Ryan Croft and David Nebinski with Eclipse TransitScreen COO Ryan Croft (middle) and Head of Growth David Nebinski (right) spent quality time in Pike Place last week with Eclipse (center) and her owner Jeff Young (left).


We are proud to announce the company’s first official mascot, Eclipse, the “bus riding dog” of Seattle. Incredibly, the two-year old black lab mix takes the bus by herself to and from the nearby dog park. Eclipse is also known to locals as the “D-Line Dog,” after her favorite bus line.

“Like TransitScreen’s human users, Eclipse is on the go and doesn’t have time to check a bus schedule or apps before heading to her destination. Nor would her paws allow her -- she’s a bus riding dog, not a circus dog,” said CEO Matt Caywood. “Seattle is a fast growing market for TransitScreen, and we couldn’t think of a better partner than one who wears an Orca transit card around her collar.”


Eclipse riding the bus

Eclipse’s owner, Jeff Young, maintains her Facebook page and website. Eclipse has captured the attention of national and international media, including CNN, ABC Nightly News, NPR, The Today Show, and The Telegraph (UK).

“Eclipse and I really like the TransitScreen team,” said owner Jeff Young. “We believe in the company’s vision and benefit to Seattle, the United States and beyond.”

An official quote from Eclipse could not be obtained for this post.

Eclipse wearing shades

In conjunction with Eclipse joining our team, TransitScreen is making a donation to Jeff and Eclipse’s “Dog Bag Depot” poop bag dispensers, which will soon be sold and installed in the Seattle area. Like us, Jeff and Eclipse advocate for cleaner, healthier, more sustainable cities.


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