Brandywine Realty Trust Unveils First TransitScreen Displays in Philadelphia

Posted by Ryan Croft on 5/15/15 11:19 AM

Brandywine Realty Trust & TransitScreen - Media Wall Display

Installations Advance Sustainability for the City of Philadelphia

In an effort to champion responsible transportation and support smart urban growth in select markets, Brandywine Realty Trust has partnered with TransitScreen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to provide real-time, location-based public transportation availabilities prominently throughout the day. Multimodal updates from Indego (Bike Share), Uber, SEPTA, Amtrak, and the Brandywine Shuttle are showcased on a giant outdoor LED display and in building lobbies of Brandywine’s Trophy-class office towers.

“We believe in the communities in which, and for which, we work and build,” said Jeff DeVuono, Executive Vice President & Senior Managing Director of Brandywine Realty Trust’s Pennsylvania operations. “TransitScreen data displays support our mission of fostering sustainable cities and healthy work environments. It’s also an essential part of the Brandywine mission to provide our tenants, guests, and employees with exclusive technology to simplify lives.”

TransitScreen is a Washington-DC & San Francisco-based transportation technology company promoting sustainable urban mobility through access to real time information. The displays are utilized as time- and cost-savings amenities in buildings and in public spaces while also offering a sustainable transportation demand management (TDM) mitigation tool for transit-oriented developments and large employers. Today, there are live displays in 18 cities across North America. Clients span various industries and geographies including commercial real estate, transit agencies, universities, hospitals, tech companies, smart cities, and nonprofits.

“Brandywine is the perfect partner for TransitScreen because we are both vigorously promoting sustainable urban communities oriented around public transportation,” said Matt Caywood, CEO of TransitScreen. “We are excited to bring the first TransitScreen to Philadelphia with Brandywine - providing the tenants, employees, and guests of Center City with live, real-time transportation information to help them make more informed transit decisions.”

“It’s always invigorating when working with a forward-minded company who simply gets it.  Brandywine Realty Trust builds for the future, centering on increased transit awareness, efficiency, choices, and technology for their transit-oriented developments.  Responsible business practices and sustainable initiatives such as this embody the company-wide commitment from the top-down.  TransitScreen looks forward to supporting Brandywine in their efforts to be thought leaders in their core markets of Greater Philadelphia, Metropolitan Washington, DC, and Austin, TX,” said Jay Tedino, TransitScreen City Manager - NY & PHL Metro Areas.

Brandywine’s TransitScreen displays are the first installations in the Philadelphia region. The transit data will be displayed at Commerce Square and Logan Square throughout the day and featured during peak times in the morning, lunch, and afternoon hours.

“In a word: fantastic.  Everyone in the vicinity now has information about all the transit choices featured on a large, outdoor screen, especially promoting the recently launched Indego bikeshare,” said Russell Meddin, Founder of Bike Share Philadelphia.

When: Friday May 15, 2015

Where: Commerce Square, 2005 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

One Logan Square, 130 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Topics: Smart Cities, Real Estate