Bozzuto and TransitScreen Sign National Partnership

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 4/25/17, 11:38 AM

GREENBELT, MD – April 18, 2017 Bozzuto Management Company last week announced a partnership with TransitScreen. This partnership is another manifestation of Bozzuto’s commitment to the complete satisfaction of its residents.

Our TransitScreen displays provide residents with real-time departure and commuting time information for mass transit, bikeshare, carshare, rideshare, and other local transportation details. The large LCD screens will be prominently featured in the lobbies of Bozzuto communities in several major cities along the East Coast.

“More of our residents have become car-free or car-light and are using public transportation and we aim to support their decision,” said Khushbu Sikaria, Vice President of Advisory Services at Bozzuto Management Company. “As a service to them, we wanted an innovative, forward-thinking, interactive platform that instantly delivers the information they need. TransitScreen fills that requirement perfectly and allows us to build on our commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences.”

The TransitScreen displays will also include a new feature: Community Messaging. This will allow Bozzuto’s on-site teams to post important messages. They can instantly connect with residents about community social events, building news and sustainability initiatives.

“Sustainability and environmental awareness are increasingly important to our residents and we want to encourage them,” adds Peter Zadoretzky, Bozzuto Management Company’s Director of Sustainability. “If someone makes the decision to utilize public transit, we want to support them. TransitScreen helps us provide a seamless amenity to improve the day-to-day lives of our residents.”

Bozzuto’s commitment to environmental efficiency was recently highlighted when the company was named the 2017 ENERGYSTAR Partner of the Year.

“Bozzuto was one of our first customers, and we are excited to formalize a partnership on a much broader scale,” said Ryan Croft, TransitScreen co-founder and COO. “We have a very similar vision about designing communities around daily life. We are excited to partner with an innovative industry leader like Bozzuto."

About Bozzuto

The Bozzuto Group is an experiential real estate company that is continually celebrated for its developments, customer service and workplace culture. With an expertise in homebuilding, multifamily development, construction and management for itself and its clients, Bozzuto is devoted to crafting extraordinary experiences. This commitment is applied to creating communities that mix belonging and inspiration with the promise of adventure and discovery.

Founded in 1988, Bozzuto has developed, acquired and built more than 42,000 homes and apartments. Currently, it manages more than 60,000 apartments and two million square feet of retail space along the East Coast between Miami and Boston, in the Northeast and Chicago.

About TransitScreen

TransitScreen provides real-time displays of transportation options at your location, helping people make informed, sustainable decisions to improve quality of life in cities. Based in Washington, D.C., the company provides data in all major cities in the United States, as well as select others across the world. For further information, visit

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