"Bike-sharing booming in US cities"

Posted by Ryan Croft on 5/30/14 2:11 PM

Citi bikes behind digital rack

In the article "Bike-sharing booming in US cities" for CNBC, Harriet Baskas writes about how cities throughout the United States as well as Canada are all rolling out their own bikesharing systems. While there have been occasional challenges in some cities, the majority of the greater than 30 cities in North America with bikeshare programs are experiencing major successes. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Chicago's Divvy bikeshare system experienced multiple single-day ridership records. And many more cities are in the planning stages of launching their own bikesharing programs.

Here are a few excerpts and quotes from Harriet Baskas's great article:

"When Paris introduced their system a decade ago, it was striking how many mayors around the world said 'I want that,' " said Andy Clarke, president of the Washington, D.C.-based League of American Bicyclists.

"Maybe 10 years ago biking would have been a granola effort in the sense that people choosing to bike were part of the environmental movement," said Joshua Schank, president and CEO of the non-profit Eno Center for Transportation. "Bike-sharing has helped change that. In places like Washington, D.C., and Chicago you see people in suits and ties riding the bikes because it's a convenient and effective way to get to work. Not because they're saving the Earth," said Joshua Schank.

"Seattle is the latest city to announce that it is joining the bike-share bandwagon, with a start date in September for Pronto Emerald City Cycle Share, which will kick off with 50 docking stations around town for 500 blue and green bikes."

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