Bike Share Explosion Nationwide in 2013

Posted by Ryan Croft on 12/12/13 12:33 PM

More than 600 cities worldwide currently provide a bikesharing system to residents and visitors, an increase of nearly 10x during the last 10 years. CitiBike in New York City debuted this past May. Within seven months officials boasted close to 100k members generating 40k rides per day. Chicago Divvy Bikes launched in June 2013 and already is set to become the largest bikesharing system in the United States with 475 locations.

TransitScreen partners with bikesharing companies in multiple regions of North America by displaying real-time information, including:

  • Capital Bikeshare (Washington DC)
  • Bay Area Bike Share (San Francisco)
  • Hubway (Boston)
  • Divvy (Chicago)
  • CitiBike (New York City)
  • Bixi Toronto (Toronto)

Along with TransitScreen, these bikesharing organizations are helping to create sustainable, bike-able cities of the future and inform citizens, promote behavior change, and reduce parking and traffic on city streets. Each of these organizations help to decrease the need for single-occupancy vehicles.

Watch this video, created by Streetfilms, titled "Riding the Bike Share Boom" to see just how much bikesharing has expanded around the world in 2013.

Riding the Bike Share Boom from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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