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How car-free streets improve TDM programs

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/25/20 11:30 AM

Earlier this month, San Francisco made headlines by banning cars on one of its busiest streets. It isn’t the first city to implement this change, but it is the most recent. Of course, changes of this magnitude will bring a lot of concern from NIMBYs, but from the videos we’ve seen, traveling on Market Street sans cars looks pretty awesome. 

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These are the commutes we're crushing on right now

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/14/20 11:50 AM

Surprise! Valentine’s Day is here. While most people are going to be buying heart-shaped chocolates and going to a nice dinner, we’re celebrating a little differently. At TransitScreen, we’re enjoying the holiday of love with the commutes and transit trends we love.

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Practice what you preach: How executives can encourage sustainable employee commutes

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/13/20 1:55 PM

We’ve all heard the phrase “practice what you preach.” Most people follow this principle to avoid being called a hypocrite. Unfortunately, employers tend to fall short of practicing more sustainable commutes, while encouraging their employees to do so. 

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Do you know who should be in charge of your TDM programs?

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/11/20 4:35 PM

When it comes to commuting, HR traditionally takes the lead in designing and implementing benefit programs. This makes sense, since benefit packages are often used as recruiting tools for new hires. But as the world of commuter benefits becomes more competitive and begins to become more integral to an organization’s success, it also leads to the question: “Who is in charge of our TDM strategy?” 

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Challenge your employees with a car-light commuting week

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/10/20 3:21 PM

Any commuter who drives to work knows traffic isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, commutes are reaching all-time highs, with commuters spending 27 minutes on the road each way. That means drivers are losing nearly one hour per day, five days a week. This could be spent doing far more productive things, like getting work done or simply having more time to relax at home. 

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When to consider parking during an office move

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/3/20 12:30 PM

This past November we held a panel that brought together industry leaders to discuss parking in the workplace. Hearing professionals who work in this area daily and deal with both customers and businesses taught us one major thing: how often people forget about the importance of parking. 

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We’re on board: Buses are becoming more commuter-friendly

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/30/20 3:02 PM

City buses have one purpose: to get passengers from point A to point B. While they can usually accomplish this, they still get caught up in traffic, fall behind schedule, and often become overcrowded – especially during peak commute times. But that’s all changing.

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