"5 NYC Mobility Startups You Need To Know About"

Posted by Ryan Croft on 11/12/14 2:49 PM

Last Month, AlleyWatch, New York's destination for startup news, author John Zurz wrote about the "5 NYC Mobility Startups You Need To Know About." At the NY Future Mobility Meetup, 5 startup companies in the mobility sector, including TransitScreen's CEO Matt Caywood, presented their ideas to a large audience and interested investors. The four other companies were Buster, Evercharge, SmartCar and Valet Anywhere. BMW i Ventures hosted the event to bring entrepreneurs, investors, developers and mobility enthusiast together.

Here's what Mr. Zurz wrote about TransitScreen:


TransitScreen is quite simple, really: it’s exactly as it sounds. TransitScreen displays information relating to the forms of local public transit. Train times, bus times, distances to popular locations and how long it will take to get to them by not only public transit but also by foot and bike.

TransitScreen seeks to help commuters make smart choices about how they transverse the city they are in, and make that information more readily available. So far, it’s availible in the Greater Washington DC Area, the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Vancouver. As far as how they make money, it’s simply SaaS.

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CEO Matt Caywood presenting image courtesy of AlleyWatch


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