What to consider when creating a commuter benefits program

Posted by Guest Blogger on 12/6/19 2:36 PM

Do your employees travel more than 10 miles to and from the office each day? If so, you probably know long commutes can drain employees’ energy, enthusiasm, and pocketbooks. Long commutes put employees at risk for burnout, making them 2.6 times more likely to leave your company. They can also cause health problems such as high blood pressure and decreased levels of happiness. Fortunately, businesses can offset the harmful effects of long commutes with programs to help make long-distance working less stressful.

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Role call: Is it time to hire an employee transportation coordinator?

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 12/5/19 1:30 PM

With the rise of transportation demand management requirements cities are passing down, employers need to take more and more measures to lower their drive-alone rate. Most cities put the burden on employers to offer better commuter benefits, continuously educate employees about what’s being offered, and actively updating TDM plans to fit requirements.

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The ultimate holiday commuter gift guide

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/26/19 2:14 PM

The holidays are full of food, drinks, and gifts. All hopes are usually reserved for the newest smartphone or gaming console, but outside of big-ticket items, gift giving can be a challenge. Why not give a gift that can be used every day and make an impact?

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Layering up: How to prepare for winter commutes

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/25/19 4:43 PM

Not many people love to commute, and even fewer people love it in the winter. Just the thought of going outside in subfreezing temperatures literally gives people the chills. For employers, it’s important to accommodate employees and their commutes when the temperatures drop.

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A scooter revolution: why universities should embrace shared mobility programs

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/22/19 3:29 PM

Getting to and from class can be tough for college students. Students who live in on-campus dorms can have just as many issues as their off-campus classmates. Lack of parking (or, in the case of many freshmen, a lack of car ownership) is  a constant challenge for students and staff alike.

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How to offer commuter benefits while working out of a coworking space

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/15/19 3:40 PM

Being in a coworking space is an exciting time for young companies. In what’s often the company’s first office space, everyone is working and grinding to get their business off the ground and established. The free cold brew and beer on tap is also a nice touch – but we digress. While it can be exciting to be in a coworking office, the early startup time is always stressful, and commutes shouldn’t be an added pain.

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Hub-a, Hub-a: How mobility hubs are changing city transit

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/13/19 11:28 AM

The first and last miles of a commute can be the most challenging legs commuters face. Getting from home to the bus stop and vise versa is a major pain point for those who live farther out from transit options, leading commuters to opt to drive instead. 

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