How to offer commuter benefits while working out of a coworking space

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/15/19, 3:40 PM

Being in a coworking space is an exciting time for young companies. In what’s often the company’s first office space, everyone is working and grinding to get their business off the ground and established. The free cold brew and beer on tap is also a nice touch – but we digress. While it can be exciting to be in a coworking office, the early startup time is always stressful, and commutes shouldn’t be an added pain.

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Topics: Mobility, Employee Experience, Commuter Benefits

Hub-a, Hub-a: How mobility hubs are changing city transit

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/13/19, 11:28 AM

The first and last miles of a commute can be the most challenging legs commuters face. Getting from home to the bus stop and vise versa is a major pain point for those who live farther out from transit options, leading commuters to opt to drive instead. 

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Topics: Smart Cities, Mobility

Show me the money: offering commuting and parking cash-out programs

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/8/19, 1:25 PM

Parking is expensive. Not just for commuters, but for employers and developers as well. As Donald Shoup says, even when parking seems free, it’s never actually free. To attract potential talent, employers will offer free parking, that they’re actually paying hundreds of dollars a month for themselves. But what happens when employees don’t have to drive and can spend a fraction of the cost of a parking space on alternative forms of commuting – like the metro or bus? 

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Topics: Mobility, Employee Experience, Commuter Benefits

Why you should consider a mixed-use development for your next office location

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/6/19, 2:45 PM

Having a commute as short and pain-free as possible is the goal of most professionals. Commuters want to walk through parks, breathing fresh air on their way to and from the office — not stare at miles of red brake lights. Unfortunately, living and working in locations close enough to each other to allow for that type of commute usually only happens in cities, so developers are trying to change that. How? Mixed-use developments.

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Topics: Smart Cities, Mobility, Commuter Benefits

CityMotion 1.1: The most personalized commute experience for you

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 11/5/19, 10:53 AM

When we launched CityMotion at the end of 2018, we brought real-time information about curated, relevant transportation options to your fingertips. No matter where you open CityMotion, you’ll see exactly which mobility choices are nearby, when they’re coming, and how you can get to them.

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A small business boom: Protected bike lanes and cyclists

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 11/1/19, 12:03 PM

“It’s as easy as riding a bike,” is a cliche that has been in our vocabulary since the wheel was invented. The reason it has stuck is because once you learn, you never forget! There’s no license required, no test to pass, and no insurance needed, unlike its motorized counterpart. Cars are expensive, dangerous, and bad for the environment, and yet driving is more encouraged than biking. But that’s all changing – even if it’s a slow change.

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A toll increase: How employers can encourage better commutes alongside congestion pricing

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/30/19, 12:31 PM

Congestion pricing is making its way into cities around the world. This commuting toll charges people to drive on the busiest streets, at the busiest times, in some of the busiest cities. Although this charge is a major change to what people have become accustomed in our car-centric society, the benefits that have come from existing programs have proven it a worthy investment. 

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Topics: Smart Cities, Workplace, Mobility