Van Metre & TransitScreen

Van Metre aims for excellence with its residents every day.

"TransitScreen is something that helps sets us apart."

Keeping up with your competition is key to having satisfied residents, and that's exactly what we help with. TransitScreen provides real-time transit information to your residents so they can make the most informed decisions about their commute. Showing off your building's accessibility will allow your residents to see that you understand that being a happy resident means more than just enjoying your living space, but also enjoying the area in which you live in. 

TransitScreen is here to help you:

  • Stay on top of transit trends and changes
  • Display nearby stores and shops
  • Communicate with residents
  • Keep residents connected with with our app: CityMotion 

Read about how we help Van Metre properties throughout the DC area provide an amazing resident experience from start to finish. For them, TransitScreen is one of those amenities that sets them apart from other properties; that "wow factor."