TransitScreen Employees Embody Company's Mission

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 6/21/16 9:56 AM

Only 8.5 percent of Americans commute to work via sustainable transit options, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That includes any mix of bus, rail, bicycle, ferry, subway, streetcar, walking… you get the picture. But here at TransitScreen, the number is different: 100 percent.

That’s right — every single TransitScreen employee uses some method of public transportation to get to work in the morning. (Except for Ethan. Ethan works from home.)

TransitScreen team!
TransitScreen employees celebrate after the 1776 Challenge Cup in Washington, DC. Options for getting home after included biking, walking, and Metro.

What does this look like in practice? That depends on the person. For those of us who live in DC, it’s a pretty even split between biking, walking, and bus or Metro. So when we tell you we understand how WMATA’s SafeTrack schedule is making it difficult to know what to do about your commute? We know that because we’re doing it, too.

At TransitScreen, we’re committed to helping people (including ourselves) make informed, sustainable decisions. How committed? Julie, the head of our Customer Success team, hasn’t had a job dependent on a car commute in 11 years.

Public transit doesn’t just provide access to job opportunities for millions of people, wildly reduce our carbon footprint, and save money on gas and car prices — it also saves 865 million hours of travel time per year. The shorter your commute, the higher your overall life satisfaction.

What does TransitScreen do with all that extra time? We make displays to bring you real-time information about available transit options, so you can get that time back too.

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