CommuteExpert: Helping increase use of pre-tax commuter benefits

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 7/23/19 11:07 AM

At TransitScreen, we're all about making it easier for commuters to get informed about public transit, including what's nearby, where it's located, and when it's arriving. Our lobby displays and our CityMotion app were designed to address this information problem and make sure it’s available where people need it most, like apartment lobbies and workplaces.

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Everything you need to know about employer TDM requirements in Seattle

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 7/18/19 2:55 PM

With companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft calling Seattle home, the number of daily commuters coming into the city every day is only going to continue increasing. In most cases, this means a corresponding increase in the number of cars on the road, but Seattle is leading the fight to minimize single-occupancy vehicle commutes. In fact, despite adding 60,000 jobs from 2010 to 2017, the city actually decreased the drive-alone rate, according to a report from Commute Seattle. So how did they do it?

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Commuter benefits breakdown: Seattle, WA.

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 7/4/19 3:34 PM

Home to the Space Needle, great seafood, and plenty of tech companies — Seattle, Washington is a wonderful city to live in. Starting January 2020, it's going to get even better once a law goes into effect making it mandatory for businesses of 20 or more employees to offer commuter benefits. Can't wait to ring in the new year? Neither can the many commuters who call Seattle home.

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Commuter benefits breakdown: New York City, NY

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 6/13/19 11:09 AM

New York City is one of the busiest cities around. Millions of Americans call the historic city home, and millions more visit every year. The hustle and bustle can get quite chaotic, but we're here to break down how you can make it easier for your NYC-based employees to move around with a little more cash in their pockets and little less stress in the office.

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Why you should be charging for parking by the day, not by the month

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 6/7/19 12:21 PM

Would you like to spend 19 days a year in a car stuck in traffic? It sounds like a post-apocalyptic nightmare, but it's actually the average amount of time Americans waste taking solo car commutes every year. 

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Study: Shower facilities make employees 5X more likely to bike to work

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 6/4/19 5:10 PM

Here at TransitScreen we like to help our employees have the most convenient commute possible and for some of our staff, that includes bikes! But, no one has the same commute and with so many modes of transit at our disposal, you may not even travel the same every day. That's why we provide shower facilities for our employees who like to bike to work, or via another form of travel that may not leave you squeaky clean when you get to work!

Photo provided by Ashley Ross at

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Coworking Spaces: Fad or forever?

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/21/19 10:56 AM

Across the US major cities, even retail paradises like New York, have been putting up more and more "Retail Space for Lease" signs than ever before. There may be an answer for this issue that can also double as a solution for the urban housing crisis.

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