Revisiting: Try biking to work!

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 4/25/18 5:53 PM

You probably already know how much we like bikes over here. Last year, we wrote about the importance of Bike to Work Day. The year before that, we wrote about 7 reasons to give bikeshare a chance.

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TDM 101: How to improve your workplace

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/28/18 2:50 PM

So far, we've looked at transportation demand management (TDM) practices across cities and areas — the Bay Area and Seattle, specifically. Now, we'd like to look at it from a different angle: the corporate workplace.

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Topics: TDM, Corporate Workplace

Choosing and Marketing Commuter Benefits

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/2/18 5:26 PM

There are a lot of reasons for a company to consider offering commuter benefits to its employees. First of all, it’s legally required in some cities for companies of a certain size. But there are reasons outside of obligation!

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TDM 101: How Seattle makes magic happen

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 2/16/18 1:38 PM

The numbers are in: Seattle continues to decrease the percentage of commuters who drive alone to work while simultaneously increasing the number of downtown jobs. In other cities across the country, transit ridership only decreases. What makes Seattle so different than all the other cities trying to do the same?

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Everything you need to know about parking policy

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 2/1/18 11:02 AM

The world of parking policy can be a little overwhelming. Plus, you’re TDM-minded and would rather not encourage people to keep driving to and from your property.

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Decoding the new tax bill & your commuter benefits

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 1/29/18 3:38 PM

What does the new tax bill mean for the commuter benefits? Whether you’re offering them for your employees or receiving them at work, we wanted to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

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TDM 101: How the Bay Area encourages sustainability

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 12/4/17 12:20 PM

Welcome to the second installment of our TDM series, where we'll be taking a deep dive into one city's efforts to encourage sustainable transportation modes. (If you have questions about what that stands for or what any of that means, we recommend you start here with part 1.)

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