Mobility's impact on multifamily rents

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 4/27/18 10:45 AM

We've suggested before that proximity to public transit is a bigger factor in searching for a multifamily apartment than in traditional home-buying. Now, we've got the data to back it all up.

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How public transit increases multifamily property value

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/8/18 10:47 AM

If you're in the real estate market in 2018, then you know how powerful location is. Not just location to nearby attractions (although those are still valuable), but location to public transit.

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Three multifamily real estate trends to watch in 2018

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 2/12/18 1:58 PM

You already know that the secret to attracting and retaining residents is to provide them an experience, something other properties just don’t have. Sometimes it can feel like it’s just about the neighborhood, the nearby coffee shops, the Instagram account showing off the vibe.

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Placemaking at The Wharf

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 10/16/17 1:30 PM

What is placemaking? Project for Public Spaces breaks it down extensively here, but in short: Placemaking is about how we make cities and spaces into more than just streets and trees. It's about creating a place that people want to be, that's accessible, that's unique.

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Co-working & Co-living: Creating Community at The Collective

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 7/28/17 1:14 PM

One of our goals as a company is to be a solution for people to get around cities where they live, where they work, and where they play. Our screens are in apartment lobbies, in corporate offices, and on jukeboxes in bars.

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Dude, where's my shuttle?

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 5/30/17 10:58 AM

It’s no question that a huge factor in how people decide which apartment building to live in is based on its proximity to transit. This is especially true in large cities — after all, having everything you need near your home is why you don’t live in Idaho, right?

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Bozzuto and TransitScreen Sign National Partnership

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 4/25/17 11:38 AM

GREENBELT, MD – April 18, 2017 Bozzuto Management Company last week announced a partnership with TransitScreen. This partnership is another manifestation of Bozzuto’s commitment to the complete satisfaction of its residents.

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