How to get your employees to be more active throughout the workday

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 9/19/19 2:51 PM

Workdays can be long, grueling, and exhausting. Sitting at their desk, staring at a computer screen all day not only takes a toll on your employees’ mental health, as well as their physical health. Getting up to refill their coffee mug doesn’t necessarily count as physical activity – at least not as much as we want to believe it does.

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Thinking about setting up a rideshare account for your employees? Here's how to do it (and why you should)!

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 9/16/19 9:14 AM

Cars have been the go-to commuting option for employees since what seems like the beginning of time. The freedom of coming and going at any time of the day is hard benefit to pass up. Unfortunately, because of this freedom, traffic has become a major issue for most cities — turning that perceived freedom into more of a burden.

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Commuter Benefits breakdown: Boston, MA.

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 9/11/19 10:35 AM

Boston has one of the oldest transit systems in the world. Starting in 1897 with only a mile-and-a-half streetcar line, their metro system now has nearly 80 miles of track running on five different lines. Even with a robust transit system, however, Boston commuters still face some of the worst traffic conditions in the nation.

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Why you need real-time transit information to enhance your TDM program

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 9/9/19 5:19 PM

For people living in cities, getting to work is a daily decision. The rise of mobility options like bikeshares, scooters, and ridehailing companies have made this decision even more difficult. Commuting options outside of traditional public transportation have never been more abundant and accessible to people.

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How Atlanta's Transportation Plan is shifting the city from cars to transit

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 8/29/19 11:05 AM

If you’ve ever been to Atlanta, you’ve seen the enormous highway surrounding it. Boasting 15 lanes, it’s truly a sight to see. Unfortunately, even with this behemoth roadway, traffic issues have not gotten any better. In fact, simply because there’s so much road space, there’s an increased incentive to drive. More than 85 percent of Atlanta’s commuters choose cars.

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Why employee commutes should be covered in your corporate wellness program

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 8/28/19 3:50 PM

When Johnson and Johnson implemented their Live for Life wellness program in 1979, it was viewed as groundbreaking. Now, corporate wellness programs are essentially required to attract and retain top talent. Subsidized gym memberships and an abundance of healthy snacks in the office are available because of the rise of these programs.

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Why your employees would benefit from a shuttle service and how you can start

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 8/23/19 2:00 PM

The younger workforce is moving to cities, and they want access to reliable transit options. The older generations are coming from the suburbs, and they don’t want to be stressed out on a daily basis sitting behind the wheel. The desire to avoid driving alone to work is shared by commuters of all ages, but sometimes it’s not as simple as just taking the train. In many places, it’s just not feasible to live within walking distance of public transportation. Vanpooling can be a great way to get your employees to change their commuting habits in the absence of access to transit, but it might not be a big enough solution depending on the size of your company — and of the problem.

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Topics: Workplace, Mobility, Employee Experience, Commuter Benefits