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Three scary facts about commuting — and how to help

Posted by Rachel Karitis on Oct 30, 2017 12:21:50 PM

This Halloween, we thought we’d share a few transit-related facts that certainly spooked us a little. (Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas about how to turn things around.)

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3 Reasons We Need Bike to Work Day

Posted by Rachel Karitis on May 8, 2017 2:27:08 PM

Bike to Work Day has been around since 1956, held in May as a way of celebrating National Bike Month. In 2015, more than 17,000 people participated in the metropolitan DC region alone!

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7 reasons to give bikeshare a chance

Posted by Rachel Karitis on Sep 8, 2016 12:57:35 PM

In 2008, Washington, DC, became the first city in North America to launch a bikeshare program — what has now become Capital Bikeshare. Since then, more than 40 cities in the U.S. and 600 across the world have introduced similar programs as part of their transportation infrastructure plans.

The benefits of bikeshare are plentiful — and varied! Not sold on it? Here’s just a few of them:

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The United States of Bikesharing

Posted by Team TransitScreen on Aug 18, 2015 12:19:30 AM

Bikesharing is the fastest growing mode of public transportation in the United States. As city leaders and transportation planners work to reduce the dependence on personal automobiles in response to climate change, bikesharing has emerged as one of the most viable ways to create more healthy, livable, and sustainable cities. Bikesharing provides all of the benefits of urban biking while removing many of the common barriers such as storage, theft, and parking.  

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Empty Bikeshare Stations Don't Always Mean Long Waits

Posted by Ryan Croft on Jul 30, 2015 4:55:25 PM

When a bikeshare station is empty, or an app tells you it's only got a bike or two left, should you just try another station? In both cases, waiting it out is often the best bet for getting a bike most quickly.

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