When to consider parking during an office move

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 2/3/20 12:30 PM

This past November we held a panel that brought together industry leaders to discuss parking in the workplace. Hearing professionals who work in this area daily and deal with both customers and businesses taught us one major thing: how often people forget about the importance of parking. 

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We’re on board: Buses are becoming more commuter-friendly

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/30/20 3:02 PM

City buses have one purpose: to get passengers from point A to point B. While they can usually accomplish this, they still get caught up in traffic, fall behind schedule, and often become overcrowded – especially during peak commute times. But that’s all changing.

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How employers can provide housing assistance to help employee commutes

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/28/20 9:59 AM

The average commute is pretty terrible. Plain and simple. Employers can offer free transit passes, free bikeshare membership, or even a free bike, but there are things beyond control that employees have to deal with. To make commutes completely stress--free, employers could move their employees into the office. Just kidding — mostly.

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How new mobility is helping drive the redevelopment of parking lots

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/24/20 2:10 PM

We recently wrote a post about parking in the United States. In that blog, we touched on the excess parking the country has and how it’s a waste of time and valuable space. 

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Out of office: Setting a minimum number of PTO days

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/22/20 12:44 PM

With the rise of startup culture, unlimited PTO is becoming a popular perk included in HR benefit packages. Some express concerns about employees taking advantage of this freedom and taking too much time off, leaving everyone to pick up the slack. In reality, the opposite has happened: Employees have started taking less time away from the office.

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Park it like it's hot: Trends and changes in parking

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/17/20 1:51 PM

Parking always seems like an issue. You arrive at your destination and it feels like there are never spots available. You may find it hard to believe, but there’s actually an abundance of parking in the United States, and it takes up a lot of space, time, and money.

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Get the wheels turning: Give your employees or residents bicycles

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 1/10/20 11:19 AM

Convincing someone to change their commute from driving to a more sustainable option is a challenge. People get caught in a routine, and that routine becomes second nature. With the rise in understanding the importance of transportation demand management (TDM), employers and developers are making substantial efforts to change commuting behaviors.

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