Scootin' to the office: The future of the developing mobility landscape

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/24/19 7:09 PM

Cities have seen firsthand how scooters can change the way people get around. Residents zip around on these two-wheeled electric vehicles. From executives in suits to young professionals in jeans and t-shirts, more and more people are opting for this new wave of transportation.

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Topics: Workplace, Mobility

We're clearing the air about congestion pricing

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/22/19 4:22 PM

It’s no secret that traffic causes stress, leads to lost time and money, and significantly contributes to global carbon emissions. As these problems continue to increase in major cities across the country, local governments are looking for solutions to keep people from driving during peak commuting hours. A growing solution? Congestion pricing

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Topics: Mobility, Commuter Benefits

TDM 101: Past, present, and future

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/20/19 10:42 PM

Since we first started writing about transportation demand management (TDM), a lot has been changing. More cities are requiring developers to make new buildings more TDM-friendly. Other cities are making employers take actionable steps to get their employees to change the way they are getting to work. Whichever group is being tasked with making the most change, the goal is the same – keep people from driving alone.

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The hardest part of your employees' commutes? The first and last mile.

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/16/19 4:29 PM

The process of commuting is rarely an amazing experience. Sitting through multiple stops before reaching your destination adds a lot of time to an already-long commute, not to mention the hiccups that come with traffic and congestion. But for employees who get to work by way of public transit, the heart of the commute isn’t always the problem. Getting to and from the bus stop or metro station is a challenge – also known as the first- and last-mile problem.

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Topics: TDM, Mobility, HR Benefits, Commuter Benefits

Class is in session: The importance of Shuttle Programs at universities

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/11/19 4:04 PM

Universities can have student bodies in the tens of thousands, and not counting faculty and staff members. Campuses have restaurants, housing, and entertainment centers. Universities are essentially their own cities.

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Topics: Mobility, Universities

Mobility pilot programs: What's involved and how they impact cities down the road

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/8/19 5:08 PM


Over the past two years or so, new mobility options have popped up on city sidewalks around the world. Bike docks have replaced street parking, scooters are accompanying street lights on every corner, and now electric mopeds are creeping their way into the mobility race. Although these new forms of transportation are on sidewalks everywhere, cities are still a little cautious about letting them stay.

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Topics: TDM, Mobility

How to scale your company while keeping employee commutes a priority

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 10/7/19 1:47 PM

The growth of a company is largely categorized into five stages. Progressing from the developmental stage, followed by the startup stage, into growth, then expansion, finished with the maturity stage. A sign of company growth – aside from revenue and profit – is the size of your workforce. The more success a company has, the more the need for hiring employees grows. One of the most important things you can keep in mind during company growth is employee commutes.

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Topics: TDM, Workplace, Mobility, HR Benefits