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Going for the green

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on Jun 21, 2018 10:12:41 AM

Being green isn't just about eating your vegetables anymore. Many companies are working to reduce their carbon footprints while simultaneously improving their employees' lifestyles. One way that these points are being tackled is through commuter benefits. 

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How I hacked this: TransitScreen

Posted by Matt Caywood, CEO on Jun 19, 2018 11:18:47 AM

In 2006, I was in San Francisco working on a graduate degree in neuroscience. San Francisco is a city that has always boasted a variety of public transportation options - multiple subways, streetcars, buses, and of course cable cars. Even 12 years ago, before Uber, Lyft, bikesharing, and e-scooters, there were a lot of choices, and I had 3 or 4 different ways to get to work.

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Celebrity sightings: underground

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on Jun 14, 2018 3:07:20 PM

It's always crazy when us regular folk are able to walk side-by-side with some our favorite celebrities, but it could be happening much more than you may think. We typically envision people of that status traveling extravagantly, and though some do, many enjoy the ease and efficiency of public transportation for everyday life. 

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Top 5 ways to market your multifamily apartment building

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 31, 2018 10:37:49 AM

The internet has revolutionized the way property owners can market multifamily apartment buildings. However, it has also created an overwhelming and overpopulated marketplace full of competitors trying to convince potential renters why they need to live in their complex instead of yours.

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TDM101: How property managers can encourage active transportation

Posted by Rachel Karitis on May 24, 2018 2:53:01 PM

Turning the tides toward sustainable habits via transportation demand management requires buy-in from so many different parties.

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