Keep calm and carry on: How to have your employees remain stress-free

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/26/19 7:45 PM

Working in an office can get stressful, there's no way around it. However, there are steps you can take to make sure your employees keep themselves happy and hardworking. Everything from the office's meeting culture to the type of snacks you're keeping in the office can make a huge difference — not to mention the amount of stress brought on by a long commute! We've put together a few suggestions for you to enhance your employees' overall work experience and bring some ~zen~ to your workplace.

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Coworking Spaces: Fad or forever?

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/21/19 10:56 AM

Across the US major cities, even retail paradises like New York, have been putting up more and more "Retail Space for Lease" signs than ever before. There may be an answer for this issue that can also double as a solution for the urban housing crisis.

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What happens to Queens now?

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/19/19 5:50 PM

Queens became a real estate paradise overnight when Amazon announced that half of their new headquarters would be located in Long Island City. But, in a shocking turn of events and much to St. Valentine's dismay, the major corporation decided to pull out of their cozy new digs leaving hundreds of New Yorkers celebrating

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Go modern: Amenities your residents want in 2019

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/14/19 10:05 AM

Your building doesn't have to be constructed in the past five years to be modern and engaging with residents and perspective residents. Modern spaces at your property will help you stay competitive in a changing landscape. 

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How to show your residents some love

Posted by Kayla Ross on 2/12/19 12:21 PM

As Valentine’s Day comes near, it’s time to start thinking about ways to tell your community: “We love that you lease with us!’’ Being a property manager comes with many responsibilities; you keep the property in good shape, collect rent and sometimes even plan events. While keeping an eye on your property’s budget, you can help foster resident happiness and increase your renewals with our gift to you: Four budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas.

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Employee commuter programs we're crushin' on

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/7/19 10:51 AM

Valentine's Day is great reminder to show loved one just how much they mean to you, so why not send some love your employee's way? Need a little inspiration or not quite sure where to start — here are some companies that have some great programs! 

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Chasing Talent: The move from West to East

Posted by Natalie Runnerstrom on 2/5/19 1:12 PM

The standard of job applicants having to bend over backwards for a position aren't long gone, but are definitely being challenged. This can be seen as more and more companies start to find ways to accommodate the talent they seek.

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