New feature: Messaging

Posted by Team TransitScreen on 11/10/16 10:32 AM

Dear Community Managers and Property Managers:

We understand there's information you may need to get across to everyone in your building — and we also know everyone is already looking to your TransitScreen for essential information about their commute. That's why we've introduced our newest feature: Messaging.


TransitScreen at Grand Central Tech
The TransitScreen at Grand Central Tech in New York City, now featuring Messaging.


Messaging puts the power in your hands to use a dedicated space on your TransitScreen to communicate whatever timely information your community needs to know, whether that's a potluck dinner, pool party, upcoming construction, or fire alarm test. When you have multiple messages to share they will rotate, changing every few seconds.

To help you keep information fresh, you can schedule messages in advance to appear on a certain date, and to disappear when they're no longer relevant — it's entirely up to you. And these features work just like software you already know, so our customers are telling us it's surprisingly simple to use.


Sample message for TransitScreen
A sample message used in a TransitScreen's Community Messaging space.


Rather than sending out an email or wasting paper on printed signs, you can now use the screen you already have to reach your community. Now TransitScreen can give them all the essential information they need about their day, both transit and otherwise!

Please send us an email at if you'd like to learn more, and give Messaging a try.

(PS: At TransitScreen, we've also used Messaging to communicate with the public about DC Metro's complex repair schedule. We'd love to hear what you plan to use it for!)