How TransitScreen made transportation simple at CES 2017

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/31/17 1:28 PM


A live TransitScreen display at CES 2017 TransitScreen CEO Matt Caywood, COO Ryan Croft, and Head of Sales Tony Hudgins at the Panasonic booth's TransitScreen "bus shelter of the future" at CES 2017.


More than 180,000 people from 158 countries attended CES 2017. That's the population of a small city, all descending at once on the Las Vegas Strip to check out the latest technology.

Fitting a city's worth of people into an existing city creates a huge transportation challenge. Once you factor in waiting in lines and actual travel time, it can take 30-60 minutes to travel by shuttle or monorail between the two largest venues, the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Expo. Fleets of taxis are a common sight, and lines for those can stretch out the door.

In 2017, TransitScreen helped turn this city full of innovators into a smart city, bringing transportation choices together in real time to help attendees get around the show! Working with show transportation coordinator Rhode Planning & Management Solutions and CES management, we provided CES visitors with live, real-time estimates for the most important options: shuttles, taxis, and monorail. We also added live information about local public and private transportation, like buses.

“We are committed to ensuring that our attendees and exhibitors have a quality experience at CES and that means being able to get from place to place to conduct business in a timely manner. Transportation is a critical part of us meeting this goal and it was helpful to have a tool this year where attendees could track how long it would take to get from one venue to another. CES celebrates technology, and this is a technology solution that worked for us,” said Jessica Patel, Specialist at CES Operations.


TransitScreen GO iPhone mockup
An example of what CES attendees found this year when pulling up TransitScreen GO, our mobile URL.

In 2017, the information was available through our mobile product, TransitScreen GO. Attendees on the cutting edge of technology could also access it using Physical Web beacons provided by our partners at Radius Networks. Hundreds of attendees daily benefitted from looking up the real-time information.

When we put a large public screen at the transportation information booth, we found even higher usage — at many times, multiple people were consulting the screen every minute. Having public screens at decision points is the most powerful way to change people's behavior and make them feel more informed, satisfied, and secure.


A screen view of TransitScreen's CES display
A full view of the information TransitScreen made available to CES attendees.

"TransitScreen is a great tool for enhancing attendees' experience," said Mark Prestage, CEO of Rhode Planning and Management Solutions. "People expect to have up-to-date information at their fingertips, but never before have CES participants had a simple, one-source mobile tool for quickly evaluating transportation options in real time at the show."

Our real-time information can now be part of every major trade show, convention, and conference, saving time and improving experiences on public screens and in show-specific mobile apps. If you'd like to have TransitScreen at your event or show, contact us today at