Schrafft's & TransitScreen

Schrafft's City Center: A Boston landmark that transit-forward

"It's not rocket science, it's a really simple thing that's part of the overall commuter experience and makes life easier." 
Dorothy Fennell, Transportation Services Coordinator

Spanning across multiple buildings, Schrafft's City Center needed an efficient way to communicate all the transit options that Boston has to offer (which is a lot). Competing with nearby construction, airport traffic, and general city life, the Flatley Company had a large task in front of them, but TransitScreen was able to provide and simple solution.

TransitScreen is the only service to provide real-time transit information all in one place, or one screen for that matter! From screen displays around the office, to your desktop, laptop, and phone, we keep you and your employees updated on the best ways to get around your city.

Commutes can be one of the biggest decisions behind so many decisions: a new job, a new home, or a new office space. Learn how the Flatley Company showed that tenant satisfaction is at the forefront of their properties in our case study! ➡️