BNE & TransitScreen

How BNE Real Estate offers the best experience for their residents with TransitScreen.

The way we live and commute is changing... constantly. Growing cities are seeing a growing trend: people gravitating to residences with transit accessibility. We want to help you show off just how accessible your property is.

Keep up with new mobility choices, display accurate, real-time transit information that you and your residents can rely on every day — that's what BNE Real Estate did 😏.

Read about how we help them both at their properties and beyond. With CityMotion, the resident experience can continue throughout the day, not just in the building. That also includes private shuttles, which we integrate directly with our screen and app.

TransitScreen is the only service to provide real-time transit information all in one place, or one screen for that matter! From screen displays around the office, to your desktop, laptop, and phone, we keep you and your employees updated on the best ways to get around your city.