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Revisiting: Try biking to work!

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 4/25/18 5:53 PM

You probably already know how much we like bikes over here. Last year, we wrote about the importance of Bike to Work Day. The year before that, we wrote about 7 reasons to give bikeshare a chance.

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Topics: Smart Cities, TDM, Corporate Workplace

TDM 101: How to improve your workplace

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/28/18 2:50 PM

So far, we've looked at transportation demand management (TDM) practices across cities and areas — the Bay Area and Seattle, specifically. Now, we'd like to look at it from a different angle: the corporate workplace.

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Topics: TDM, Corporate Workplace

Dockless bikeshare, 6 months later

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/22/18 12:08 PM

We're nearing the end of the 7-month trial period for dockless bikeshare in Washington, DC. In the middle of September 2017, hundreds of colorful bikes hit the streets, mostly in the downtown area. We went out to test them ourselves, and you could hear the hubbub on the streets around us. "How do these work?" passersby asked us. "You just unlock them? With your phone?"

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How public transit increases multifamily property value

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/8/18 10:47 AM

If you're in the real estate market in 2018, then you know how powerful location is. Not just location to nearby attractions (although those are still valuable), but location to public transit.

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Choosing and Marketing Commuter Benefits

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 3/2/18 5:26 PM

There are a lot of reasons for a company to consider offering commuter benefits to its employees. First of all, it’s legally required in some cities for companies of a certain size. But there are reasons outside of obligation!

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Topics: TDM, Corporate Workplace

Is electric bikeshare the future?

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 2/23/18 1:25 PM

As dockless bikeshare companies have come flocking to major cities in increasingly large droves, the transit world started buzzing — what does this mean? Should traditional bikeshare systems be worried? Is bikeshare the future of transportation? Will we all become as into biking to work and errands as people in Copenhagen are?

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The top 25 most transit-friendly university campuses

Posted by Rachel Karitis on 2/21/18 11:52 AM

That time of year is here again, when high school seniors everywhere choose where they're going to college next fall. For most of them, the move-in process won't involve bringing a permanent vehicle — fewer and fewer colleges allow freshmen to keep cars on campus.

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